Every member of the body of Christ has been gifted with abilities to serve in God’s Kingdom. Identifying your gifts and putting them in to practice is a vital component to growing as a disciple of Jesus Christ. As a body, every member plays an important role in this congregation and we wish to see each Christian use their gifts to the glory of God.  Your gifts can be used in the current ministries being run by the congregation or in ministry efforts you may know of outside the church. 

If you are a member of the Pickerington Church of Christ, we invite you to review the current ministry opportunities, evaluate your strengths, and make a commitment to serve in some capacity. If you need help identifying your strengths or understanding the current ministries please contact Matt Thomas or one of our elders


Church Ministries:



This ministry exists to be the hands and feet of Jesus by serving people who have jobs that are too big for one person to do. This can include helping the elderly with housework or assisting a family with a move.

If you want to join the Crew4Christ team please email: Todd Thomas or Doug Hall.



This ministry exists to provide a safe, functional, and attractive facility for the assemblies and activities of the church. We want our facilities to reflect the same attentive care that we have for the thing we value the most – making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Your loving service can be utilized in areas of function (maintenance & repair), safety & security (ushering & monitoring), and aesthetics (grounds keeping & decor).

If you want to join the facilities team please email: Rodney Mayle, Clay Wilson, or Bob Taylor.


Youth Ministry:

This ministry exists to connect young people with Christ, challenge them to live by faith, and glorify God through serving others.

We strive to equip and support our families in the spiritual development of our young people. It is our vision to encourage every young person to become lifelong disciples of Jesus.

If you would like to learn more or get involved please contact Alan Gillaspie



This ministry exists to edify members of the church who need strength through prayer and exhortation, fellowship and integration. It also reaches out to non-members to help them be reconciled to Jesus Christ.

To join our visitation team please contact Rodney Mayle, Cliff Smith, or Matt Thomas



This ministry exists to create fellowship opportunities for members of the church to edify one another through love and shared life experiences. These opportunities include fellowship meals, welcoming new members, celebrations of major events, and smaller group settings.

If you wish to engage this ministry, either to plan, help, or host, please contact Jose Nunez 



Jesus Christ was a man who lived on mission. His objective was to reconnect lost souls to the saving power of God – found in the gospel. This ministry effort seeks to empower all Christians to live a life on mission.

Mission fields are found locally (neighborhoods, workplaces, community), national (disaster relief, prison correspondence, campus ministries, children’s homes, more) as well as international.

If you have an interest in serving in one of these areas of mission or in need of support to practice a life of mission please contact Barry Ward.


Guest Services:

This ministry exists to provide every visitor of the congregation an warm and welcoming time with us. This includes greeting people at the door, handing out visitor packets and bulletins, guiding people to the right locations, and helping answer questions visitors may have.

If you have an interest in serving in this ministry please contact Matt Thomas or Theresa Lee.



This ministry exists to provide quality, biblical education to members of all ages. This ministry needs teachers, teaching/classroom assistants, clerical assistance, and decoration help.

If you have an interest in serving in any of these capacities or want additional information contact – Cradle role to 6th grade: Karen Perkins, Cradle Role to Kindergarten: Cliff Smith, 1st to 6th grade: Jose Nunez, 7th – 12th grade: Brad Chadwell, or Adult: John Collier.