Removing Reproach

Often what stops us from moving in to the fullness of life God has promised is not external obstacles but internal ones. Before Israel could enter the promised land God had to remove the reproach of their past. Once removed, they were free to live in the promises of God.

The Wheat & Weeds

Jesus used parables to teach his disciples about Kingdom life. At the same time he issued warnings to those who assumed they were in the Kingdom, but their life would show otherwise. The only difference between the wheat and the weeds is one produces fruit and one does not.

Exhaustion & Renewal

Worn out, beat down, ready to give up. Maybe you’ve felt that way – Elijah, the prophet of God, certainly did. In this story we see a man who gave his all, faced serious disappointment, and found renewal in the strangest place and in the strangest way.

Things Worth Fighting For

Dealing with Doubt

Gratitude & Grace

The seal of genuine transformation is our gratitude towards our Savior. Desperation makes us aware of our need. Faith makes us cry out for help. Gratitude turns us in to worshipers. See this happen in the story of the 10 lepers.

The Source of Renewal

Be Like Christ

Laboring in Prayer

A key element in any healthy church is a group of people who labor in prayer. Calling upon God to visit them, bless them, care for them, and stimulate them to growth is crucial to a local body. Finding people willing to do this is difficult because faithful prayer is a labor of love. It takes dedication, strength, and steadfastness.

The Temple of God

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