Work, Labor, & Patience

Keep on Serving

The church is made up of many parts serving in many ways. For the body to be healthy she needs every member contributing their special gifts and abilities in their own way. Paul encourages us to continue ‘more and more’ in our service to God.

7 People who build Churches

The church is a body, composed of many parts. For the body to be healthy it needs all the parts functioning in a healthy way. Some of the parts are obvious, but some can be forgotten. There are 7 types of people needed to build up churches.

There you are, in the Bible!

Did you know you are in the Bible? You are! God has said much about us in His word. He tells us reality about ourselves and tells us wonderful promises He is going to do for us. Journey through the Scriptures and see.

Mental Health & the Gospel

One in five Americans will deal with difficulty in their mental health. The church has been called to be a place of refuge for the hurting and a place of healing for those who come to Christ. We must be willing to suffer with, support, and help all people on their journey with Christ.

Until They Know You Care

People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. If we are going to be effective at sharing the good news of Jesus we must be people who invest in others, care for them, and be ready to share the gospel.

Let the Redeemed Say So

Our salvation should bring us so much joy that we long to shout it from the roof top. Here the psalmist shows us what kind of joy we should have.

Removing Reproach

Often what stops us from moving in to the fullness of life God has promised is not external obstacles but internal ones. Before Israel could enter the promised land God had to remove the reproach of their past. Once removed, they were free to live in the promises of God.

The Wheat & Weeds

Jesus used parables to teach his disciples about Kingdom life. At the same time he issued warnings to those who assumed they were in the Kingdom, but their life would show otherwise. The only difference between the wheat and the weeds is one produces fruit and one does not.

Exhaustion & Renewal

Worn out, beat down, ready to give up. Maybe you’ve felt that way – Elijah, the prophet of God, certainly did. In this story we see a man who gave his all, faced serious disappointment, and found renewal in the strangest place and in the strangest way.

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