Experiencing Steadfast Love

Walking with God through life, knowing that His steadfast love is always there is crucial to the abundant life. Psalm 118 teaches us that we must let Him deliver us out of distress and discipline us in our difficulties to know how steadfast His love is. Ultimately, for us to trust His love we have to receive His victory over our enemy (sin and death) for us and that is found in Jesus Christ.

AM Sermon: Psalm 118

David’s Lord

AM Sermon: Matt Thomas

Surviving Slander

Slander can be incredibly painful. David walks us through his private thoughts as he strives to handle slander in a godly way. His plea is for God’s glory to be clear and his pain relieved. David’s call for justice on those who slander God’s anointed would eventually be answered as God poured out His justice on His Son.

Psalm 69

Taste & See

Suffering is inevitable and no one is exempt. David teaches us out of his own suffering that we can be crafted and not crushed. But we must engage with our suffering the right way and ultimately turn to God to taste and see that He is good.

AM Sermon: Anthony Rex

Life of a Seeker

God did not design us to be paralyzed by fear and frozen with anxieties. We were designed to be seekers. Drawing from the heart of David, Psalm 27 teaches us what the seeker’s prize, plea, problem, and place is. And when we become seekers, we find life.

Where is God?

In this Psalm David walks us through the journey of wondering where God is in our troubles. David isa model of wrestling with God with great faithfulness and David points us to Christ who suffered alone so we would never have to be.

What are you Worth?

What gives a human value? Psalm 8 teaches us this answer by taking our eyes off of ourselves and turning them to the majesty of God. When we see the majesty and mindfulness of God, we begin to understand our worth as humans.


The Pursuit of Happiness

Psalm 1

This psalm sets in contrast two ways to live. One way is for the blessed, or happy who finds themselves rooted and fruitful. The other is for the wicked, who find themselves tossed about with no foundation. A happy life is built by choice and patience, in light of eternity.

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