The Battle We’re In

The moment we become a Christian our heart and mind becomes a battlefield. Through false arguments and lofty opinions Satan guides us into creating mental strongholds that lead us to sin. Destroying those strongholds is the battle we’re in and the pathway to victory.

AM Sermon: Anthony Rex (2 Corinthians 10:3-6)

Youth Service: Impact of Missions

3 young men share the impact their recent mission trip had on those they served and the group who did the serving.

Experiencing Steadfast Love

Walking with God through life, knowing that His steadfast love is always there is crucial to the abundant life. Psalm 118 teaches us that we must let Him deliver us out of distress and discipline us in our difficulties to know how steadfast His love is. Ultimately, for us to trust His love we have to receive His victory over our enemy (sin and death) for us and that is found in Jesus Christ.

AM Sermon: Psalm 118

Song Service: July

Ken Davis

David’s Lord

AM Sermon: Matt Thomas

Image of God

Mankind is made in God’s image. Understanding what this means has major implications on your life’s worth, purpose and destiny.

Genesis 1:26-27

Surviving Slander

Slander can be incredibly painful. David walks us through his private thoughts as he strives to handle slander in a godly way. His plea is for God’s glory to be clear and his pain relieved. David’s call for justice on those who slander God’s anointed would eventually be answered as God poured out His justice on His Son.

Psalm 69

What Is Our Business ; Switzerland Mission Trip 2017

Am Sermon – Matt Thomas (translated by Tino Gugger, member of the church in Thun)

Taste & See

Suffering is inevitable and no one is exempt. David teaches us out of his own suffering that we can be crafted and not crushed. But we must engage with our suffering the right way and ultimately turn to God to taste and see that He is good.

AM Sermon: Anthony Rex

Switzerland Mission Trip 2017 : Who Are We To Be?

Thun Sermon – Matt Thomas (translated into Swiss German by Tino Guggar, member of the Thun Church)

Thun Sermon – Matt Thomas (├╝bersetzt in Schweizerdeutsch von Tino Guggar, Mitglied der Thuner Kirche)

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