Mission to the Wayward

Jesus’ heart is for those who are wandering away from Him. Those who once walked close and have strayed away. We see Him display His mission to the wayward when He went to restore Peter after His resurrection. We learn from Jesus just how to take this disciple making mission to those who have fallen away.

John 21:1-19

Mindset for Mission

For us to actually live the mission of disciple making we must think right about the opportunity. Jesus both taught us and showed us how to view the opportunity to make disciples and if we share His mindset we’ll partake in the mission with Him.

Matthew 9:35-38

Costly Mission

Everything in life has a cost. Living a life on mission with Jesus Christ comes with a cost and disciples of Jesus Christ must decide if they are willing to sacrifice. Doing so will demand endurance and come with incredible reward.

Matthew 9:9-13

Urgent Mission

To live a life dedicated to our mission we must have a sense of urgency. Urgency is formed when the stakes are high and things matter. What is at stake in the disciple making mission is eternity. Staying grounded by this reality will move us to have urgency in our mission, just like Jesus.

Mark 9:42-48

Clarity in Mission

Knowing we have a mission is key, but knowing exactly what to do releases us to work. Jesus has been explicit in describing for us what He has called us to do. Go – Make – Disciples. This mission involves change, investment, and a life-long process of becoming like Jesus Christ.

Matthew 28:16-20

Mission Received

The most powerful mission anyone can engage in is one that is given to them by someone they respect and adore. We, as created beings, were designed by our Creator with a mission from the very beginning – to bring glory to Him in all things. Our life finds its purpose when we receive our mission from above.

John 6:38-40

Fighting Together

As humans we were designed to be in community. In the right community the best version of us comes alive. For us to have victory over Satan and fight this battle well, we will need to do this together. No soldier heads off in to battle alone, and no Christian should fight their spiritual battles alone. In Paul’s closing remarks he gives us insight in to how we can build the kind of togetherness that empowers victorious living.

Ephesians 6:21-24

The Prayer of Perseverance

For the solider of God to wear the armor well they must remain in constant contact with their leader. Prayer is the avenue by which we find our strength to continue fighting and find our victory.

Ephesians 6:18-20

Finding Fellowship in Christ

We were made by community and for community. This is why all people seek to find some kind of connection. Our ultimate connection is with our Creator. Once that is right, all else can become right. If we seek to fill our connection need with others before Christ we will form fellowship based on circumstances or shared interests. But if we build our connection to Christ first, we’ll then find a fellowship that transcends all other variables.

The Sword of the Spirit

Looking closely at the weapon of choice for the Roman soldier, Paul immediately declares that the Christian’s weapon is God’s Word. Its purpose is to kill the work of the Devil. His lies and deception designed to lure you away from Christ. Its power is found when believers are trained how to use it specifically in their life.

Ephesians 6:10-17

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