Humility & Happiness

Growing Up

We love to cherish our children while they are young, but we would be very concerned if they did not grow up. The same principle holds true with us as Christians. We need to grow up in to maturity in Jesus Christ and the way we do that is through connection and contribution to the local church. Ultimately, we must keep our concentration on the love of Christ which motivates us to give ourselves fully to Him.

Pursuing Greatness

There is something in us that drives us to greatness. Wanting to give our best, be our best, become the best is an inner drive that is natural. Like all things, sin has twisted what true greatness really is. Jesus resets our understanding of greatness and lays before us the cost of becoming great. Jesus calls us to imitate his life of service as the ultimate act of service.

Laboring in Prayer

A key element in any healthy church is a group of people who labor in prayer. Calling upon God to visit them, bless them, care for them, and stimulate them to growth is crucial to a local body. Finding people willing to do this is difficult because faithful prayer is a labor of love. It takes dedication, strength, and steadfastness.

Opportunity Lost

As a servant of the master, He has entrusted to us his most prized possession – opportunities to put his interests first. Faced with that decision, we must choose if we will serve ourselves or Him. If we are faithful to him in what he has given us, he promises great rewards. If we choose to be unfaithful to him and serve ourselves, he will give us what we think we want – life without Him, which is no life at all. The choice is ours.

Serving the Mission

Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who do not yet know Him is the primary responsibility for the church. Does this mean that only a select few are involved? Only those who preach or take mission trips? Certainly not. It takes an entire body of believers, working together, to make missions happen. Learn from Barnabas all the many ways you can be part of the transcendent mission of the local church.

For the King

One of the highest designations as a Christian is to be called a servant of God. This term was a common phrase used to describe a lowly slave who was sold into service. Jesus borrowed this title, gave it to His followers to teach them how to relate to Him. He is our master, we are His servants and learning how to live with Him in this relationship is key to fulfilling our purpose and honoring His glory.

Offering Yourself to God

Bringing yourself before God to serve Him is essential for someone to become close to the heart of God. God has called for every part of us to be available to Him in His service. To do this our self-direction must die and be open to the plan of God. In doing so we become one with Him.

Feelings of Superiority

The body was designed to function at peak level. When it does it is a beautiful thing. The local church is the body of Christ and designed to function at peak level. One of the ailments that prevents the body from functioning properly is when some members believe other members are unnecessary and the body can work without them.  This belief is rooted in pride and conveys an individual mission, not the mission of Jesus Christ.

The Temple of God

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