Removing Reproach

Often what stops us from moving in to the fullness of life God has promised is not external obstacles but internal ones. Before Israel could enter the promised land God had to remove the reproach of their past. Once removed, they were free to live in the promises of God.

The Wheat & Weeds

Jesus used parables to teach his disciples about Kingdom life. At the same time he issued warnings to those who assumed they were in the Kingdom, but their life would show otherwise. The only difference between the wheat and the weeds is one produces fruit and one does not.

Exhaustion & Renewal

Worn out, beat down, ready to give up. Maybe you’ve felt that way – Elijah, the prophet of God, certainly did. In this story we see a man who gave his all, faced serious disappointment, and found renewal in the strangest place and in the strangest way.

ONE: Future

Christ, through the church, is leading each of us to a collective future. One where we are unified around Jesus, maturing in our faith, and growing up to become just like Him.

ONE: Conqueror

ONE: God & Father

ONE: Baptism

The practice of baptism is a beautiful portrait of salvation. Putting on full display the work of Jesus Christ in his death, burial, and resurrection. At the same time it is the moment when a person unites themselves to Christ’s saving work, having their sins washed away and raised to walk in a new life.

Things Worth Fighting For

ONE: Faith

Faith has become an intensely private matter, yet Scripture speaks to faith being bigger than the individual. There is one faith, shared by many. This can strengthen us, unite us, and motivate us to journey towards our eternal home.

ONE: Lord

The Lordship of Jesus is a universal reality. It is first difficult for us to come to terms with, but once we submit, His lordship becomes delightful.

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