ONE: Hope

ONE: Spirit

The unity of the church is built upon the reality that all believers now share one Spirit. The Spirit of God at work in His people leads us to truth, in sanctification, and ultimately to receive the love of Christ. We are sure that we, as God’s children, have the Spirit working in us because of God’s promise found in God’s scripture. We must grow in and be led by the Spirit through feasting on His Word.

ONE: Body

There is an eternal truth regarding the body of Jesus Christ, the church – There is only one. The failing of mankind to obey this truth doesn’t diminish its reality. We are called to be one body, under one head. This takes clarity on the doctrine as well as commitment to the practice.

Dealing with Doubt

ONE: Responsibility

Christian unity is first a gift we receive from our Father and then it is a goal we seek to attain. This demands we understand both our responsibility to God and to each other in pursuit of Christ honoring unity.

ONE: Hope

In the final moments of Jesus life He prays to His Father for his deepest hope – that all of His disciples would be one. Christian unity is deep and difficult, but Jesus has made a way for us. See the purpose and glory of unity from Christ alone.

Gratitude & Grace

The seal of genuine transformation is our gratitude towards our Savior. Desperation makes us aware of our need. Faith makes us cry out for help. Gratitude turns us in to worshipers. See this happen in the story of the 10 lepers.

The Source of Renewal

The Lamb & His Bride

Come out of Her

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