Final Call to All

The Throne Room and the Lamb

Letters to the Churches Pt. 2

Letters to the Churches Pt. 1

The End is at Hand

Be Like Christ

Seeking Closure

Humility & Happiness

Growing Up

We love to cherish our children while they are young, but we would be very concerned if they did not grow up. The same principle holds true with us as Christians. We need to grow up in to maturity in Jesus Christ and the way we do that is through connection and contribution to the local church. Ultimately, we must keep our concentration on the love of Christ which motivates us to give ourselves fully to Him.

Pursuing Greatness

There is something in us that drives us to greatness. Wanting to give our best, be our best, become the best is an inner drive that is natural. Like all things, sin has twisted what true greatness really is. Jesus resets our understanding of greatness and lays before us the cost of becoming great. Jesus calls us to imitate his life of service as the ultimate act of service.

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