Wives, Submit to your Husband

The marriage relationship is the living parable God has given us to understand how he longs to relate to us. Christ and the church are the model for how husbands and wives should relate. Today, we call wives to look to the church for her cues on submission.

Husband, Love your Wife

The simplicity of God’s command to husbands is clear: love your wife regardless. The difficulty is great. Which drives men to the feet of God to ask for help.

Come Home

Jesus tells a story of two brothers who had a difficult relationship with home. One wanted to get away. The other grew frustrated. And the father wanted both to come home and enjoy his fellowship.

Easter Changes Everything

The truth behind a celebration of Easter is that the resurrection is central. It is the foundation on which Christianity is built and is the doctrine that, once believed, changes everything.

The Defeat of Death

One of the greatest accomplishments from the ministry of Jesus is his defeat of death. He willingly went into the grave for us and then rose again defeating our greatest enemy. Now we can live free because of this victory.

The Only Foundation

Storms of life have a way of revealing to us what foundation we are standing on for our life. The Bible presents to us only one foundation that is firm enough to hold us up as we live now and into eternity.

When Plans Change

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and our plans are forced to change. There are 4 key principles we must remember, and a couple practical steps we should take to handle this well.

The Root Cause

What would it take to be a church that Jesus is thankful for? It is surprisingly simple – to be a collection of Christians who have faith in Jesus and love for all the saints. But how can we develop faith and love? They can’t be forced, they are born by hope of heaven. And hope of heaven is a gift of the gospel. The root cause of it all is the gospel.

The Power of Prophecy

Paul said the church has its foundation on them. Peter said we can have certainty because of them. Jesus said their words are the sole power to really convert someone. Prophets and prophecy. See how they can shape your faith.

Insecurity & The Gospel

Insecurity has become a condition people regularly live with. A deep fear about who we are and what we are worth. We look to different answers to solve our insecurity, but when we look to the gospel we find the real freedom we’re looking for.

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