Hearing Jesus

Crowds gather and Jesus immediately teaches with one of his most well known parables, the sower and the soils. The parable is all about what kind of listeners we really are. If we’re going to follow Jesus, we must be serious about really hearing Jesus and he shows us how to know.

Water to Wine

Jesus steps in and solves a rather embarrassing social problem. But underneath this seemingly simple event is a much more profound purpose. A sign of his glory. In this wedding miracle Jesus tells us what he came to do and who he came to be.

The Servant of All

Mark begins his gospel by telling us story after story of Jesus serving people. He wants us to know that Jesus serves at any time, in any place, to anyone. We must learn not only that He serves but how He serves so we might draw close to Him.

Forgetting Jesus

Part 3 of our series “Fixing our eyes on Jesus” brings us to the story of Joseph and Mary forgetting Jesus in Jerusalem. Why would Luke include this story in the gospel? Because forgetting Jesus can happen to anyone. How we forget him, how we find him, and what we find with him is all tied up in this story.

The Lineage of Jesus

Why does Matthew begin his gospel with the ancestry of Jesus? He wants to set the reader up to know who Jesus really is. It is true that Jesus came from a family lineage, that is a real person who came to earth for the very same kind of people he came from.

Desire & Prayer

Prayer is often about expressing our desire to God. Failure to pray is often about not expressing our desires to God. James teaches us that there is a battle going on inside us and that we can unlock and powerful prayer life if we learn, by God’s grace, to get our desires aligned with His.

Praying & Planning

Faithful praying leads to faithful action. In between those things is faithful planning. We learn from Nehemiah that as God’s people we must pray with great anticipation and plan with great preparation to be ready to walk faithfully with our Lord.

Calling on the Name of the Lord

At the core Christians are known as people who call upon the name of the Lord. Knowing what it means to call and practicing this opens up a new world of relationship to God. A world of deeper dependency and intimacy awaits.

In the Spirit

God has offered us not only the avenue of prayer but also assistance in prayer. Learning to pray in the Spirit is key to unlocking a powerful and effective prayer life.

Laboring in Prayer

There is a false belief that prayer is supposed to be easy, simple, and casual. The reality is, prayer is difficult. It requires diligence, effort, and wrestling. We will commit to a life of laboring in prayer when we know laboring is common and believe prayer has purpose.

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