Do you ever find yourself stagnant, disinterested, and cold towards God? Perhaps you’ve found yourself controlled by things of this world and forgetting who is the foundation of your life. The practice of fasting is simple, yet profound and can have an impact on your walk with Christ. Learn from Jesus not only what fasting is, but what it is for.

Unanswered Prayers

After the fact, and if things work out in our favor, we can view unanswered prayers as a blessing. However, in the midst of prayers going unanswered the experience can be heart breaking. How should we handle unanswered prayers?

The Risen King

The single most important question we must answer in life is, “Did Jesus raise from the dead?” If he didn’t, then Christianity is false. If he did, then he reigns over everything. The story of Mary at the tomb helps us come face to face with the resurrection and decide what we think.

The Crucified King

Jesus the King faces his greatest challenge – enduring the cross for you and me. One may wonder, why? Couldn’t there be another way? Paul would teach us that Jesus had to go to the cross so that God could be both just (in punishing sin) and the one who justifies those who needed saved.

Lord of the Sabbath

Sabbath is God’s gift to humanity, reminding them that they can rest in the provision and power of God. Many people in Jesus’ day took this gift and made it a burden. Jesus encounters these people and shows them how they can actually experience true rest.

Hearing Jesus

Crowds gather and Jesus immediately teaches with one of his most well known parables, the sower and the soils. The parable is all about what kind of listeners we really are. If we’re going to follow Jesus, we must be serious about really hearing Jesus and he shows us how to know.

Water to Wine

Jesus steps in and solves a rather embarrassing social problem. But underneath this seemingly simple event is a much more profound purpose. A sign of his glory. In this wedding miracle Jesus tells us what he came to do and who he came to be.

The Servant of All

Mark begins his gospel by telling us story after story of Jesus serving people. He wants us to know that Jesus serves at any time, in any place, to anyone. We must learn not only that He serves but how He serves so we might draw close to Him.

Forgetting Jesus

Part 3 of our series “Fixing our eyes on Jesus” brings us to the story of Joseph and Mary forgetting Jesus in Jerusalem. Why would Luke include this story in the gospel? Because forgetting Jesus can happen to anyone. How we forget him, how we find him, and what we find with him is all tied up in this story.

The Lineage of Jesus

Why does Matthew begin his gospel with the ancestry of Jesus? He wants to set the reader up to know who Jesus really is. It is true that Jesus came from a family lineage, that is a real person who came to earth for the very same kind of people he came from.

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