Desire & Prayer

Prayer is often about expressing our desire to God. Failure to pray is often about not expressing our desires to God. James teaches us that there is a battle going on inside us and that we can unlock and powerful prayer life if we learn, by God’s grace, to get our desires aligned with His.

Praying & Planning

Faithful praying leads to faithful action. In between those things is faithful planning. We learn from Nehemiah that as God’s people we must pray with great anticipation and plan with great preparation to be ready to walk faithfully with our Lord.

Calling on the Name of the Lord

At the core Christians are known as people who call upon the name of the Lord. Knowing what it means to call and practicing this opens up a new world of relationship to God. A world of deeper dependency and intimacy awaits.

In the Spirit

God has offered us not only the avenue of prayer but also assistance in prayer. Learning to pray in the Spirit is key to unlocking a powerful and effective prayer life.

Laboring in Prayer

There is a false belief that prayer is supposed to be easy, simple, and casual. The reality is, prayer is difficult. It requires diligence, effort, and wrestling. We will commit to a life of laboring in prayer when we know laboring is common and believe prayer has purpose.

Should I be Baptized Again?

Baptism is the most sacred moment in the life of a believer. It’s no wonder that the doctrine and experience of baptism comes under serious attack from Satan. A common question from Christians is “Should I be baptized again?” This question requires careful attention to ensure we are both practicing biblical baptism as well as not undermining its potency.

To Know God’s Will

A main focus for many in prayer is to know God’s will for their life. We desire to know which steps to take, to have God help us with decisions, and hope to do the right things. The Bible teaches us about how to discern God’s will for our lives, but the main question the Bible answers is not HOW God guides us, but rather WHO God is able to guide. Psalm 25 shows us the person God is able to guide.

Lord, Teach us to Pray – Pt. 2

To help his disciples learn how to pray Jesus turns to every day encounters. In that he shows us that prayer requires persistence more than mechanics and we as humans are already familiar with the practice of prayer – we just need to learn how to pray to God. We begin to do this when we grow in confidence in God through his promises and proof of power.

Lord, Teach us to Pray – Pt. 1

The disciples of Jesus saw him pray, and pray a lot. Prayer was the central force in Jesus’ life and his disciples wanted to know how to do that. So when they asked how Jesus began by teaching them, not mechanics but substance. He gave them his word to pray. Learning to pray the Word of God is the best place to start learning how to pray.

Removing Reproach

Often what stops us from moving in to the fullness of life God has promised is not external obstacles but internal ones. Before Israel could enter the promised land God had to remove the reproach of their past. Once removed, they were free to live in the promises of God.

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