For the Love of God

Living the mission God has given every believer demands a deep motivation to sustain the effort. The call to love God with all your being as well as loving your neighbor as yourself is overwhelming without lasting motivation. God’s love for you, found in Jesus Christ, is a motivation that gives you eternal motivation.

2 Corinthians 5:14-21

Finding Fulfillment

The search for fulfillment can take us many place and to many things. King Solomon was a man who had wealth, power, and access to anything he wanted. He used that to search for fulfillment and concluded that all of life finds itself within the glory and greatness of God, our Father.

Ecclesiastes 12:13-14

Mission to the Wayward

Jesus’ heart is for those who are wandering away from Him. Those who once walked close and have strayed away. We see Him display His mission to the wayward when He went to restore Peter after His resurrection. We learn from Jesus just how to take this disciple making mission to those who have fallen away.

John 21:1-19

God’s Voice & Our Praise

Song Night Service: Matt Thomas

David’s Lord

AM Sermon: Matt Thomas

What Is Our Business ; Switzerland Mission Trip 2017

Am Sermon – Matt Thomas (translated by Tino Gugger, member of the church in Thun)

Switzerland Mission Trip 2017 : Who Are We To Be?

Thun Sermon – Matt Thomas (translated into Swiss German by Tino Guggar, member of the Thun Church)

Thun Sermon – Matt Thomas (├╝bersetzt in Schweizerdeutsch von Tino Guggar, Mitglied der Thuner Kirche)

Church On Mission

Acts 2:37-47

The New Testament presents portraits of the earliest believers gathering for work and worship. As we examine their lives, we gain insight into what priorities we should have and what principles we should follow. In this lesson we examine the first church in Jerusalem and connect with their mission– to go make disciples.

PM Sermon


PM Sermon

The Greater Offering

AM Sermon

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