Hope & Humility

Isaiah lives in light of the tension of what is to come and what is currently going on. In Chapters 2-4 he bookends this passage with a vision of what the world will be once God makes all things right. In the middle, however, he reminds us of the harsh reality of where we currently stand. Human pride is the barrier to heaven. Therefore, humility is necessary for us to be ready for the ultimate hope of the world to come.

A Church that Hopes

AM Sermon – Anthony Rex (Eph. 1:15-21)

Substance of the Christian Hope

AM Sermon – Anthony Rex (1 Peter 1:4-5)

Necessity of Hope

AM Sermon – Anthony Rex (1 Peter 1:3)

A New Help

PM Sermon: Anthony Rex (Romans 8:26-28) – Everyone accepts help from someone or somewhere. Typically, help is offered with strings attached and self-serving intentions. Finding a help that is solely interested in your good is not only refreshing but also dynamic.

A New Hope

PM Sermon: Matt Thomas (Romans 8:18-25) – A persons hope determines both meaning and motivation for life. Hope that is temporary, fading or can be taken away is a feeble hope. Christianity offers a transcendent hope that effects life now and to come. 

Our Foundation: Hope

The power to endure difficult circumstances can be found by having a hope of something better to come. Cultures are defined by their shared hope, and the Christian message is one of distinctive hope. Christian hope embodies the restoration of all wrongs, the reward of all rights, the healing of all brokenness, and the joy we all desire. This hope is rooted in the historical reality of Jesus Christ – His death, burial, and most of all, his resurrection.

PM Sermon: Anthony Rex  |  1 Peter 1:1-13