Mission to the Broken

Costly Mission

Everything in life has a cost. Living a life on mission with Jesus Christ comes with a cost and disciples of Jesus Christ must decide if they are willing to sacrifice. Doing so will demand endurance and come with incredible reward.

Matthew 9:9-13

Urgent Mission

To live a life dedicated to our mission we must have a sense of urgency. Urgency is formed when the stakes are high and things matter. What is at stake in the disciple making mission is eternity. Staying grounded by this reality will move us to have urgency in our mission, just like Jesus.

Mark 9:42-48

Clarity in Mission

Knowing we have a mission is key, but knowing exactly what to do releases us to work. Jesus has been explicit in describing for us what He has called us to do. Go – Make – Disciples. This mission involves change, investment, and a life-long process of becoming like Jesus Christ.

Matthew 28:16-20

Mission Received

The most powerful mission anyone can engage in is one that is given to them by someone they respect and adore. We, as created beings, were designed by our Creator with a mission from the very beginning – to bring glory to Him in all things. Our life finds its purpose when we receive our mission from above.

John 6:38-40

What Is Our Business ; Switzerland Mission Trip 2017

Am Sermon – Matt Thomas (translated by Tino Gugger, member of the church in Thun)

Switzerland Mission Trip 2017 : Who Are We To Be?

Thun Sermon – Matt Thomas (translated into Swiss German by Tino Guggar, member of the Thun Church)

Thun Sermon – Matt Thomas (├╝bersetzt in Schweizerdeutsch von Tino Guggar, Mitglied der Thuner Kirche)

Church On Mission

Acts 2:37-47

The New Testament presents portraits of the earliest believers gathering for work and worship. As we examine their lives, we gain insight into what priorities we should have and what principles we should follow. In this lesson we examine the first church in Jerusalem and connect with their mission– to go make disciples.

PM Sermon

Enduring In Mission

AM Sermon – Anthony Rex

Mission to Authority

AM Sermon: Anthony Rex (Acts 26:12-29)

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