Living New

AM Sermon: 2 Corinthians 5:15-17

A New Purpose

PM Sermon: Anthony Rex (Romans 8:29-30) – People are in constant search for purpose. The things we do need to matter to us. Career, relationships, interests, religion all need purpose. Most of all – life needs purpose. Unlocking the foundational purpose of life brings meaning and value to all we do. 


A New Power

PM Sermon: Anthony Rex (Romans 8:9-13) – Those we answer to hold the power in our life. There is an ultimate power that we can subject our lives to that also supplies the power we need to live. No other power in the world can offer us this. 

A New Freedom

Anthony Rex: PM Sermon (Romans 8:1-2) – The overwhelming sense of not being accepted is universal. Condemnation haunts humanity. Freedom is promised from many places and Christianity offers a freedom unlike any other