A New Confidence

PM Sermon: Anthony Rex (Romans 8:31-39) – The world can be both scary and cruel. Intimidating when we put ourselves out there, and relentless when we fail. Finding a confidence that cannot be shaken will change a life forever. 

A New Help

PM Sermon: Anthony Rex (Romans 8:26-28) – Everyone accepts help from someone or somewhere. Typically, help is offered with strings attached and self-serving intentions. Finding a help that is solely interested in your good is not only refreshing but also dynamic.

A New Mindset

PM Sermon: Anthony Rex (Romans 8:5-8) – The mindset determines the life. Christianity is more than behavior modification as well as being more than alteration of the mind. Christianity offers a renewal of the mind, a focus for the mind, which results in a transformation of the life.

A New Solution

PM Sermon: Anthony Rex (Romans 8:3-4) – Humanity is in unanimous agreement that the world is not right. Humanity is not in agreement on how the world can be fixed. Solutions all over have one thing in common – they all start with the work of mankind. Christianity offers a solution that starts with the work of God.