Transformed by Grace

God’s deepest hope for each of us is not just a simple, happy life. Nor is it limited to just making it to heaven. His deepest hope is your transformation into the kind of person fit for heaven, who then can truly live with real joy and peace. This can only happen when we have a genuine encounter with God. When we recognize Him for who He is, it humbles us in our sin, and then (and only then) can we be rebuilt by His grace. Transformation really takes off once we are then commissioned into God’s mission.

A New Mindset

PM Sermon: Anthony Rex (Romans 8:5-8) – The mindset determines the life. Christianity is more than behavior modification as well as being more than alteration of the mind. Christianity offers a renewal of the mind, a focus for the mind, which results in a transformation of the life.

A Way Forward

PM Sermon – Anthony Rex