What to Expect

During Our Meeting Times


Bible Study

Drawing near to God through a deeper understanding of His word is at the heart of a loving faithful life.  We strive to provide the very best Bible study opportunities for all ages.  A listing of current classes and room assignments are posted throughout the building.  We have ushers available to help you find your class, and we have a host of members who are happy to help you as well.

We offer year around Bible Study times on Sunday mornings at 9am and Wednesday evenings at 7pm.  Also, we offer a Winter Home Bible Series during the winter months in different locations around the Pickerington area.  Most of all, if you are interested in a more in depth, personal Bible study,  please contact one of our elders or ministers and we would be happy to set up a convenient time with you.


We believe families enjoy healthy relationships when they are centered on a solid spiritual foundation. We prayerfully desire that families will establish peaceful homes that are built by the guidance of Jesus Christ.

Whether you are single, married, with or without children, we desire for you to be a part of our family. Relationships are vital and each person has an opportunity to encourage others to become more like Christ. It is our desire to see the presence of Christ in every family.


Families with Children

Raising children who are full of joy, standing on rock solid faith, and passionately in love with God is one of life’s greatest challenges.  It’s a challenge that God, our Father, faces Himself.  Building off of the principles established by God we seek to provide families with children the support they need to raise their family in the fold of God.