Due to the concerns regarding COVID-19 there will be times when the church will forgo meeting all together and chose to meet in smaller groups in our homes.

This page exists to provide Bible study resources for you as you worship and study in your home.

Guidelines for our public assembly

Sunday Worship

Our pre-recorded worship service will be available on Youtube and Facebook at 8 am on Sunday mornings. Evening devotionals on Sunday and Wednesday will also be available at 6pm.

Sermon Notes from 12.20.2020

Sermon Notes from 12.27.2020

Family Bible Time

9.13.2020 – Joseph’s Coat & Dreams

9.20.2020 – Joseph is Sold

9.27.2020 – Joseph in Prison

10.4.2020 – Joseph with the baker & cup bearer

10.11.2020 – Pharaoh’s Dreams

10.18.2020 – Joseph’s Power

10.25.2020 – Joseph Sees His Brothers

11.1.2020 – Joseph Sees Benjamin

11.8.2020 – Benjamin has Joseph’s cup

Learning to Trust (A study of the Psalms)

YouTube link for each session

Ep. 1 – Introduction

Ep. 2 – Jesus in the Psalms

Ep. 3 – A Trustworthy God

Care Group Bible Studies:

For Adults:

For Teens & Young Adults: