When Plans Change

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and our plans are forced to change. There are 4 key principles we must remember, and a couple practical steps we should take to handle this well.

The Root Cause

What would it take to be a church that Jesus is thankful for? It is surprisingly simple – to be a collection of Christians who have faith in Jesus and love for all the saints. But how can we develop faith and love? They can’t be forced, they are born by hope of heaven. And hope of heaven is a gift of the gospel. The root cause of it all is the gospel.

The Power of Prophecy

Paul said the church has its foundation on them. Peter said we can have certainty because of them. Jesus said their words are the sole power to really convert someone. Prophets and prophecy. See how they can shape your faith.

Work, Labor, & Patience

Insecurity & The Gospel

Insecurity has become a condition people regularly live with. A deep fear about who we are and what we are worth. We look to different answers to solve our insecurity, but when we look to the gospel we find the real freedom we’re looking for.

Dear Lord, What is the Most Important Thing I can do Today?

With so many things to do each day, how do we know what is most important? All of us what to do what is most important, and get frustrated when we are caught up in the meaningless. Scripture guides us on how to figure that out.

Keep on Serving

The church is made up of many parts serving in many ways. For the body to be healthy she needs every member contributing their special gifts and abilities in their own way. Paul encourages us to continue ‘more and more’ in our service to God.


Do you ever find yourself stagnant, disinterested, and cold towards God? Perhaps you’ve found yourself controlled by things of this world and forgetting who is the foundation of your life. The practice of fasting is simple, yet profound and can have an impact on your walk with Christ. Learn from Jesus not only what fasting is, but what it is for.

Unanswered Prayers

After the fact, and if things work out in our favor, we can view unanswered prayers as a blessing. However, in the midst of prayers going unanswered the experience can be heart breaking. How should we handle unanswered prayers?

The Risen King

The single most important question we must answer in life is, “Did Jesus raise from the dead?” If he didn’t, then Christianity is false. If he did, then he reigns over everything. The story of Mary at the tomb helps us come face to face with the resurrection and decide what we think.

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