The Lord’s Invitation

In response to God’s savior and His marvelous grace God openly invites all to come. This invitation is for the thirsty, the broke, and even the misguided. This invitation is for everything you need or ever wanted. But you must come with humility and respond with hope to receive his offer.

The Helmet of Salvation

The helmet of the soldier was a beautiful piece of armor. It displayed the confidence the soldier should have in battle. Likewise, it was powerful and could withstand anything the enemy tried to do to destroy the solider’s head. Christians, in battle with Satan can put on the helmet of salvation to enjoy complete confidence and protection from all his devices.


PM Sermon – Anthony Rex (Romans 10: 1-13)


PM Sermon – Anthony Rex (John 8:21-30)


PM Sermon – Anthony Rex

Problem, Remedy, Response

PM Sermon – Anthony Rex