What Is Our Business ; Switzerland Mission Trip 2017

Am Sermon – Matt Thomas (translated by Tino Gugger, member of the church in Thun)

Switzerland Mission Trip 2017 : Who Are We To Be?

Thun Sermon – Matt Thomas (translated into Swiss German by Tino Guggar, member of the Thun Church)

Thun Sermon – Matt Thomas (├╝bersetzt in Schweizerdeutsch von Tino Guggar, Mitglied der Thuner Kirche)

Church On Mission

Acts 2:37-47

The New Testament presents portraits of the earliest believers gathering for work and worship. As we examine their lives, we gain insight into what priorities we should have and what principles we should follow. In this lesson we examine the first church in Jerusalem and connect with their mission– to go make disciples.

PM Sermon


PM Sermon

The Greater Offering

AM Sermon


PM Sermon – Matt Thomas

The Greater Man

AM Sermon – Matt Thomas

God Is Holy

PM Sermon – Matt Thomas

Christ & His Church: The Answer to a Broken World

AM Sermon: Matt Thomas

Be Hospitable To One Another

PM Sermon – Matt Thomas

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