Sunday Worship

Our live-stream worship services will be available on Youtube 10am on Sunday mornings. Evening devotionals on Sunday and Wednesday will also be available at 6pm.

Family Bible Time

9.13.2020 – Joseph’s Coat & Dreams

9.20.2020 – Joseph is Sold

9.27.2020 – Joseph in Prison

10.4.2020 – Joseph with the baker & cup bearer

10.11.2020 – Pharaoh’s Dreams

10.18.2020 – Joseph’s Power

10.25.2020 – Joseph Sees His Brothers

11.1.2020 – Joseph Sees Benjamin

11.8.2020 – Benjamin has Joseph’s cup

Learning to Trust (A study of the Psalms)

YouTube link for each session

Ep. 1 – Introduction

Ep. 2 – Jesus in the Psalms

Ep. 3 – A Trustworthy God

Small Group Bible Studies options:

For Adults:

  • The Christian Hope – A class designed to teach people what Christianity promises in order to build our hope.
  • Who is Jesus – A 10 lesson workbook intended to help introduce people to who Jesus is and how He impacts your life.
  • Christianity Explained & Experienced – 13 lessons designed to help people understand the basic premise of Christianity and then move into what it takes to live a Christian life.
  • Sharing your Faith Journey – A worksheet to help you hone your ability to share Jesus effectively.
  • Contact Matt Thomas for more options.

For Teens & Young Adults:

  • Stay – A video series and ebook from Challenge Youth Conference (CYC) designed to ground young people in their faith in Jesus Christ.
  • It Matters – A video series and ebook from Challenge Youth Conference (CYC) designed to impress upon people the things that matter most.