Bless & Curse

Our tongue is a mighty force. It has the power to both bless and curse and will set the direction of our entire life. Learn from James about the power of the tongue and the potential it has to set our life on the right course.

Pursuit of Happiness

Psalms starts where we all start – with us finding our happiness. We learn that happiness is a choice, but not a choice of being happy or not. Rather, it is a choice of who we will follow.

Defeating the Enemies

We all face enemies who war against our spiritual health. These enemies can cause fear and make us retreat or even lose the ground won for us in Christ. Learning how to defeat them in the power of God is essential to our spiritual life.

Parents & Children

A key relationship in this life is the one parents have with their children as well as the one children have with their parents. It can be complex because we are sinners. However, when held in the light of eternity, even our shortcomings in these relationships can move from being wounds to windows into seeing the beauty of God.

Wives, Submit to your Husband

The marriage relationship is the living parable God has given us to understand how he longs to relate to us. Christ and the church are the model for how husbands and wives should relate. Today, we call wives to look to the church for her cues on submission.

Husband, Love your Wife

The simplicity of God’s command to husbands is clear: love your wife regardless. The difficulty is great. Which drives men to the feet of God to ask for help.

Come Home

Jesus tells a story of two brothers who had a difficult relationship with home. One wanted to get away. The other grew frustrated. And the father wanted both to come home and enjoy his fellowship.

Easter Changes Everything

The truth behind a celebration of Easter is that the resurrection is central. It is the foundation on which Christianity is built and is the doctrine that, once believed, changes everything.

The Defeat of Death

One of the greatest accomplishments from the ministry of Jesus is his defeat of death. He willingly went into the grave for us and then rose again defeating our greatest enemy. Now we can live free because of this victory.

The Only Foundation

Storms of life have a way of revealing to us what foundation we are standing on for our life. The Bible presents to us only one foundation that is firm enough to hold us up as we live now and into eternity.

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